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Workday Financial Management
Lunch and Learn Demo
Wednesday, April 5, 2023
11:00 AM PT | 2:00 PM ET

Join our interactive live demo to explore what everyone is talking about —
Enhanced AI-based automation for AP and AR Teams using Workday Financial Management data.

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Auditoria.AI, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform, integrates with Workday Financial Management and leverages Intelligent Apps called “SmartFlow Skills” to automate complex finance and accounting processes.

Working seamlessly with Workday, Auditoria’s Intelligent Apps come pre-trained to the level of junior accountants, performing as a
“co-pilot” that understands finance and accounting terminology to execute administrative tasks on behalf of the AP and AR teams.

Advanced Technology

Workday is an investor in Auditoria, and they are our recommended solution for Invoice-to-Cash automation and transforming collections functions with their modern innovation such as Artificial Intelligence, deep analytical insights, and cutting-edge automation technologies.

Barbary McGann

Barbry McGann
SVP and Managing Director
Workday Ventures 

Auditoria is a Workday Ventures Partner.

workday ventures

Auditoria.AI has access to Workday’s extensive experience, market know-how, and global reach in the enterprise space.

Together, we help finance teams work more effectively as companies move toward digital transformation and automation.

This allows the office of the CFO to focus on strategy and business initiatives rather than error-prone manual tasks.

Auditoria's SaaS products supercharge your Workday Financial Management installation with Intelligent Apps, advanced technology that uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language technologies.

Intelligent Apps read and understand the sentiment and requests in incoming vendor and customer emails and translate these requests into actionable, sequenced processes, bringing in the human operator when necessary. 

Srini G
Srinivasa Gudugundla
Head of Enterprise Applications and Transformation

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By doing accounting with great technology and automation, our work becomes easier and faster. They are inseparable like bread and butter, making our work life happier and so much better.

Auditoria's AI SmartFlow Skills
Supercharge Workday Financial Management

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